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Trading is an active style of participating in the financial markets, which seeks to outperform traditional buy-and-hold investing. We all know a old maxim “Buy low, Sell High”, a well heared rumour about trading. Trading is a value added function between two or more traders.Anybody can do the trading, but the person should have the capacity to hold the loss or gain by his own. Most of the traders about 90% loss in their first year of trading. So the rumours about trading falls down automatically, but the persons from outside doesn’t know or worry about that.

Student fattaka shop, is a trader, who supply a high quality of fire crackers to their buyers at their destination among in India. It was founded on 2009, for trading fire crackers, by K.JEYAKUMAR. The motivation of this trader is selling good quality of fire crackers to its buyers, beyond their expectation about that. For the successful trading the trader was planned to choose the best quality of firecrackers from Sivakasi. So we choose “THE CORONATION FIREWORKS FACTORY”, which is one of the leading fireworks manufacturer in Sivakasi and also top most fireworks suppiers among India. So our products are belongs to the very popular “CORNATION” brand only. Since 2009, by doing trading, we are very proud to say as We are the Traders for “CORNATION” brand fire crackers in online. Until now, we didn’t falls down from the beginning.



THE CORONATION FIREWORKS  is one of the premier consumer fireworks company in India. Started Forty One years ago by SRI. P.KANAGAVEL, Managing partner. THE CORONATION FIREWORKS is proceeding to expand its growth rate with new stores throughout the country. THE CORONATION has a network of dealers throughout INDIA as a pioneer in the sales of consumer fireworks. CORONATION has built a reputation for excellent quality, value and extensive product variety that has set up a standard in the fireworks industry. A hands-on approach to operations and an aggressive marketing campaign have developed national retail fireworks chain with over 800 locations in INDIA.

CORONATION’S various bag, box and toy fireworks assortments are filled with the top performing items in each fireworks category. Innovative trick and novelty and Class 7 (UN0336) products have attracted customers. THE CORONATION FIREWORKS efforts to ensure the sale and manufacture of safe and legal fireworks are unparalleled.

CORONATION maintains an extensive in-house product-testing programme that ensure our merchandise meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission Requirements. In addition, CORONATION is the first fireworks company in INDIA to introduce color items in fireworks, crackers and sparklers using authorized chemical. All of the  CORNATION® Brand products are of such a high quality that if any fail to light, CORONATION will replace it with items worth double the paid value. (with  CORNATION’s dealer proof of purchase).

Legislative and safety concerns are reflected in the company’s membership and participation in the TAMILNADU FIREWORKS & AMORCES MANUFACTURER’S Association and  a host of state and local organizations like the Bureau of Indian Standards.

THE CORONATION FIREWORKS employs over 3500 people year around with an additional 400 seasonal jobs created in their factories. The company is regular contributor of E.S.I. And P.F. The company is offering Bonus to its workers & six months bonus to its staff.

THE CORONATION FIREWORKS is also supplying HANDGRENADE AND BICATSTRIPS to defence stores. Millions of INDIANS across the country celebrate the old tradition of our country’s independence and religious, social ceremonies with consumer fireworks from CORONATION FIREWORKS.

Administrative Address:

7-B, Chairman A.Shanmugam Road,
Sivakasi – 626 123, Tamil Nadu, South India,
PH: 04562 – 224955, 228655, 225955 FAX: +91-4562-225655
MAIL: cornation.office@gmail.com
VISIT: www.cornationfireworks.com